#30×30 Week 2

So, now that I’ve finished those exams, given the presentations, turned in that final paper, and hidden my econ textbook, so I’m not threatened to use it as firewood, a few moments of gratitude for the week: to the teachers at Epic and Georgetown Yoga, who worked with me over the course of this week; to my friends, who put up with me; and to the incredible people who put together the behavioral economics summit I attended on Friday–you recharged me and gave me renewed focus and energy to pursue new paths during what is currently a strange time in both my graduate studies and my career. Moreover, you gave me the energy I needed to get through the last push of finals.

#30×30 Week 1

As fellow yogis know, each time you come to the mat, you set an intention for the rest of your practice. In one of my classes this week, the teacher suggested that we focus on something that we were grateful for. And while my first thought may have been “alarm clocks–else, how would I make it to a 6:30 am class before work and school?”, I am so appreciative of the six teachers who worked with me this week.

#30×30 Day 1: Fallen Triangle & Peacock

My dear friend and yoga buddy, Jeena, very kindly joined me to kick off the month. I love doing yoga with Jeena, not only because she is a fantastic friend, but in the months we’ve practiced together, I’ve watched her grow into a very accomplished yogi, which gives me inspiration to get back on the mat over and over again.

#30×30 First Descents Challenge

But since First Descents camp, I’ve stepped up my yoga practice, and with the guidance and support of some of DC’s wonderful yoga teachers and a few amazing yogi friends, I’ve been developing, practicing, and honing a modified, yet challenging, yoga practice that helps me capture some of that empowerment I felt at camp every time I get on the mat.