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August FD Challenge – Dairy free!

As always, I made a stickK commitment for $100 – to go to an anti-abortion group if I fail. And as always, I am doing this for a reason: to send more campers to First Descents. Check out what #outlivingit is all about, and while I’m dreaming of creamy bries and stinky blues, won’t you consider throwing a few dollars toward the cause?

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Right Foot, Left Foot

As I put my right foot in front of my left 286,647 times this month, I learned so much about the history of this insidious, devastating disease that continues to claim the lives of far too many loved ones. It was fascinating to hear about the development of the drugs that I had taken twenty years ago: cisplatin, adriamycin, & methotrexate. It was humbling to hear the frustration of brilliant scientists and dedicated advocates, as they struggled to understand and find a way to humanly treat its victims. I always want a happy ending to a long story, but in this case, the story instead must end with hope and a resolve to continue putting the right foot in front of the left and persevering, however we can.