August FD Challenge – Dairy free!

Giving up pork in high school was easy. Bacon was never my holy grail, nor did pork chops or ribs ever taste that great to me.

Life without lamb was an easy sell too, after a particularly unpleasant food poisoning experience during a work trip to South Africa.

Beef and birds were a bit harder. But, it was clear in early 2013 that my health, heart, and head were out of whack. Bopping back and forth to doctors wasn’t doing the trick. On a particularly low day, I watched the documentaries Vegucated and Forks Over Knives and realized that my diet was something that was completely in my control, and giving up meat might make a difference. What started as a 30-day experiment stuck, my health issues resolved themselves, and 2.5 years later, I’m still following a pescetarian diet.

Now, I’m ready to take it one step further.

As I was crowdsourcing ideas for my FD challenges this year, a good friend and former colleague suggested I try to go vegan. To entice me (I suspect), she and her husband treated me to a delicious breakfast of tofu benedict one morning while I was visiting. It was out of this world delicious and certainly helped to make the case for venturing further into the plant-based diet world. I think a complete transition to a plant-based diet is still beyond my reach; I maintain that it’s still easier for me to do this gradually, removing one food item at a time and see how my body responds. So while I’m not ready to let go of fish, I am willing to try for the month of August without dairy. No butter. No eggs. No animal milk. No animal cheese. That last one is going to be the hardest. We’ll see if it stickks!

As always, I made a stickK commitment for $100 – to go to an anti-abortion group if I fail. (So please don’t tempt me with cheese!) And as always, I am doing this for a reason: to send more campers to First Descents. Check out what #outlivingit is all about, and while I’m dreaming of creamy bries and stinky blues, won’t you consider throwing a few dollars toward the cause?