In the Second Week of April, My FD Challenge Gave to Me…


200 punches, crunches, and “butt kicks”; 100 skater slides, squat jumps, and bicycles; 50 lunges, plank rotations, wood chops and “donkey kicks”; 25 squats and fist pushups, several bemused facial expressions, and a video of a former Bachelorette couple supporting FD:

P.S. Seriously, though, some of the names for these exercises are kind of absurd.

P.P.S. If you don’t feel like donating to FD through me and would prefer to score some awesome FD-inspired gear, you should check out Sevenly’s campaign for FD this week.

“Living Beyond Limits” – FD-inspired gear from Sevenly. A purchase provides $7 to FD, and awesome clothing for you.