There’s a reason my parents used to call me “Lauren McGillicuddy” as a kid. True fans of “I Love Lucy” will remember the loveable yet klutzy Mrs. Riccardo’s maiden name. McGillicuddy even sounds klutzy…it’s almost onomatopoetic. Although my hair is no longer red, I do take after Lucy’s, ahem, tendencies. Some might say I’m klutzy; I prefer to say that I “live hard.”

Mere days after nailing a headstand for the first time, I injured my back. I’m not even sure what I did this time (usually there are good stories to accompany my injuries), but overnight I went from a full yoga practice to not being able to do so much as a seated staff pose. After trying to fix the problem myself (I don’t recommend that so much for backs), I finally gave in and saw a doctor. They ruled out that the “Big C” had returned to my back and spine (whew!), concluded that I had slipped a disc, and I started physical therapy this week. I have to laugh – most of the things I am doing in PT are yoga poses by a different name. It’s the next best thing to being back on the mat.

While I’m incredibly bummed to be slowing down my daily practice, I’d rather invest the time into taking care of myself now, rather than not be able to do yoga at all a few years from now. I’ll restart my #giveit100 by July, I hope, with a 5-class series with the lovely Ariele Foster. I can’t wait!

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