I’ve done 30…Why not #giveit100?

After I finished #30×30 on March 31, I took a rest from the daily challenge. While I was still practicing yoga a few times each week, I was emotionally and mentally drained from school and work and decided to lean in to the idea of sleeping as much as possible. It didn’t take long before I started to feel out of sync. Some pretty bizarre things started happening in my personal life, and the more I rested, the more emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally drained I felt. Last week, when items started literally exploding in my kitchen without explanation, I realized that even though the month of March was crazy academically and professionally, it wasn’t because of my yoga challenge that I was exhausted. If anything, spending at least 60 minutes on my mat a day–focusing on breathing and fine tuning every pose–had become essential to my holistic stamina.

My friend Spud* sent me a link to giveit100.com–where people around the world are challenging themselves to work on a challenge every day for 100 days. Some of the challenges include learning to yo-yo to making a rocking horse from scratch! Users post a 10-second video of themselves in the process every day, and videos can be private or public. Admittedly, when Spud sent me this link, my first two thoughts were a) How on earth would I be able to do yoga for 100 days? b) A 10-second video every day? People are going to see that I am a total spazz! However, as I was picking glass out of my feet from the random exploding kitchenware incidents last week, I decided that there was a time when I thought 30 days was too hard, and it turned out to be an incredible experience. If I can do 30, why not 100? And maybe, in the process, I’ll become slightly less of a spazz.

I kicked off Day 1 of 100 at a headstand clinic this past Friday with one of my favorite teachers in DC. There is something so fitting about starting a somewhat scary challenge by focusing on a pose that demands fearlessness. As we played with different arm variations, I discovered that some of my biggest frustrations with this pose are driven by my own fear…of falling over, of failure, of pain. The more I started to let go of the fear, the easier it was to invert. Although this challenge is not explicitly for First Descents, like #30×30 was, it is a continued reminder to myself to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and remind myself to be fearless and *here.*

Track my progress (and laugh along with me) on Giveit100. 

*A quick word about Spud, who is perhaps the most fearless, carpe diem survivor I know. After surviving cancer, she kicked a career she didn’t love to the curb and went after her true love: music. She is now a badass electric violinist, who is traveling all over the world kicking ass and taking names…or whatever the musical version of that is. Since we met at camp, she continues to inspire me with her fearlessness. She looks at each experience she wants to try–from learning salsa and Spanish simultaneously in Colombia, to extended silent meditations, to particularly gnarly rapids–acknowledges how impossibly scary they seem, but does not let that fear get in the way. I hope to channel her fearlessness in the next 100 (errrr, 97 now) days.