#30×30 Week 1

#30x30 Day 8: Lizard & Viparita
Day 8: Lizard & Viparita
#30x30 Day 7
Day 7: Warrior II
#30x30 Day 6
Day 6: Crow & Half Moon
#30x30 Day 5: Dolphin
Day 5: Dolphin
#30x30 Day 4
Day 4: Headstand
#30x30 Day 3: Bow Pose
Day 3: Bow Pose
Bird of Paradise
Day 2: Bird of Paradise

Eight days down! This week, I have practiced yoga at 4 studios, with 6 different teachers, who each have varying paces, styles, and music. I’ve taken classes that are fast-paced, daring me to try new poses, as well as slower classes, challenging me to explore the depths of poses I already know. The idea that I could practice for decades and still have new things to learn each time I arrive on the mat is one of the things I love most about yoga.

As fellow yogis know, each time you come to the mat, you set an intention for the rest of your practice. In one of my classes this week, the teacher suggested that we focus on something that we were grateful for. And while my first thought may have been “alarm clocks–else, how would I make it to a 6:30 am class before work and school?”, I am  so appreciative of the six teachers who worked with me this week. Rob, who has been working with me over many months, thinking of creative ways for me to try new poses, and ensuring that I never feel that “I can’t” frustration in his classes. Krista, whose practice is so beautiful and inspiring to watch and whose positive demeanor always makes me feel fearless. Joan, whose words of encouragement and time spent with me after class inspired a feeling of inner strength I’ve been carrying around all week. Ryan, who literally adjusted every. single. pose I tried Wednesday morning and helped me explore the depths of poses I thought I knew so well. Maryl, whose yin-and-yang resistance technique completely opened my mind…and a number of my yoga poses. And John, whose practices are all at once calming, intellectual, and energizing, each week helps me find crazy new ways to explore yoga. I am grateful for each and every one of you, and I thank you for making this #30×30 challenge such a fantastic experience.

To my friends and colleagues who have asked why my week on a kayak in Montana changed my life, and why I’m pushing myself to do yoga every single day for the month of March, watch this: Why First Descents Changes Lives. Together with Pocaronas, Spud, and Mrs. Kemp, my goal in doing this challenge is to give another young adult the same life-changing experience we each had. Help us do so.