#30×30 Day 1: Fallen Triangle & Peacock

#30x30Day 1: Fallen Triangle & Peacock

Today, I kicked off the #30×30 challenge with a 90 minute jivamukti class with the awe-inspiring Krista Block at Buddha B Yoga on U Street. Krista’s classes are challenging, but I appreciate that she always introduces me to new poses…and helps me think through creative ways to do them! My dear friend and yoga buddy, Jeena, very kindly joined me to kick off the month. I love doing yoga with Jeena, not only because she is a fantastic friend, but in the months we’ve practiced together, I’ve watched her grow into a very accomplished yogi, which gives me inspiration to get back on the mat over and over again. Today, my favorite pose was the fallen triangle, which is basically an evolved side plank, which I do on my forearms. The challenge today was mayurasana, or peacock, which really does require a flexible wrist and some wicked strong arms. Trying it on my fists was a bit rough on the knuckles, but I’m going to see if I can come up with some “goofy” variations (one forearm down) that might get me there.