Golden Birthday

My golden birthday – 28 on the 28th – was a magnificent one. At the crack of dawn, Jason surprised me with flowers and strawberries before we hit the road to the north side of the Grand Canyon.

During our three hour drive north, we found some unique jewelry at roadside trading posts. We arrived at our destination around 1030am and then spent the day rafting down the smooth 15 miles at the top part of the canyon. I have only been using my phone for photos, and I didn’t dare risk dropping it in the Colorado, so the only photos we have of the rafting adventure are on Jason’s camera. Mostly, we have a lot of pictures of very pretty tall rocks.

Our three hour drive back through Oak Creek Canyon in the dark was a bit harrowing (Picture 180 degree turns on the edge of a cliff in the dark), and we returned just in time to grab a late dinner at the Barking Frog. Sedona is not really a nightlife kind of place – an 845 reservation is considered very late, much to our chagrin. Dinner was delicious, and we pretty much passed out as soon as we saw the bed.

Suffice to say: it was an incredible trip and quite a memorable birthday.