Farewell Red Rocks; Hello Bright Lights

Having spent the last few days rushing around, we enjoyed a bit of a “lazy” morning in Sedona. We packed our growing collection of stuff into the car and made our way over to the Coffee Pot, famous for its 101 omelets. I rounded out the southwest tour with a ground beef, green chile, feta, and salsa omelette and delicious hash browns.

After breakfast we went in search of an easy, relatively flat hike. On our way north out of town, we stumbled on a little roadside passageway that led us into Slide Rock State Park. This little oasis just north of Sedona has a natural human waterslide between the red rocks. While we were initially tempted to try it, wading around in bare feet changed our mind. That water was COLD! (Memorial Day in Lake George seemed warm after that!) In the interest of not getting our driving clothes soaked then having to hike back up to the car wet and cold, we enjoyed Slide Rock’s clear water from the ankles down and soaked in the stunning scenery instead.

We drove north to Flagstaff, where Jason found a handsome silver watch in an Indian pawn shop. We stopped for a quick and delicious sandwich then continued westward toward the Hoover Dam and Vegas.

The Hoover Dam is a pretty amazing man-made US resource separating the Colorado from Lake Mead. Standing atop it and looking down is a neat experience. Doing so at sunset is even cooler. As it was the last stop on the road trip part of our vacation, we lingered for a bit, then drove on to Vegas.

I have to say – Vegas completely overwhelmed me (and not in a good way) when we arrived. I think it was just a very abrupt transition from the southwest’s gorgeous natural resources and this very “fake” feeling town, where the people are very nice and more than willing to part you from your money. We checked in and rapidly unloaded our home for the past week.

We cleaned up, went hunting for a quick bite, and drove off to return our trusty Ford Focus. I admittedly teared up a bit when we walked away from our car. The little vehicle that could took us over a thousand miles on an incredible adventure through the southwest – and did so VERY economically!! (Seriously, we went 150 miles on three gallons at one point!) I’m sad the road trip part of our adventure is over, but I am looking forward to OMG2012 and next week in San Fran.