Where “Sleep No More” Meets Drink

My friends in Boston will most appreciate the title of this blog post. Sleep No More, for the uninitiated, is hands-down the coolest theatre experience I’ve ever had. I don’t want to ruin any surprises for those of you who might venture to experience it, so for the purposes of setting the scene for this blog, let me just dribble an excerpt from the New York Times review.

“And the resulting adventure in décor — a 1930s pleasure palace called the McKittrick — suggests what might have happened had Stanley Kubrick (of “Eyes Wide Shut” and“The Shining”) been asked to design the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, with that little old box maker Joseph Cornell as a consultant.”

Keep the words Huanted Mansion and 1930s in mind while I fill non-Bostonians in on this place called Drink. Drink’s website is just as unpretentious as its location – an underground bar in Fort Point, Boston. Although Drink is hardly a place you might stumble upon without having first heard of this cocktail sensation, on your first visit, you might feel inclined to order a beverage by name, say “a gin and tonic.”  Those in the know, however, will tell the bartender how they are feeling that evening. For example, on one occasion, my friend had just finished a crazy few weeks at work and told the bartender she wanted to “Stick it to the Man.” With only that instruction, the bartender crafted a delicious, punchy beverage from an abundance of obscure liquors, bitters, and other house delights. While I lived and worked in Boston, Drink became one of my favorite places to discover new cocktails and have great conversations with skilled bartenders.

So, on to the mashup of one of my favorite theatre experiences with one of my favorite cocktail bars: The Green Russell. After a day of working from the hotel room and a few light happy hours, Jason and I meandered into The Green Russell en route to a late reservation at the Denver Chophouse. Down the stairs to this bar, we were ushered into a door marked “Do Not Enter” and then into a small room. From what I could tell, this downstairs area continued with one small nook after another, all furnished and decorated with great detail. Thirties jazz drifted through the rooms as we placed our drink orders. Jason was intrigued by an elaborate cocktail on the menu, while I bumbled my way through requesting something light and citrus-y, then left it up to the bartender to decide what form it would take. He delivered a French 75 – a champagne-based cocktail I had been served once before at Drink – not my first, but certainly delicious and exactly what I was in the mood for. While we only stayed for one drink, the Green Russell was a great find, and the French 75 whet my appetite for a delicious prime rib at the Denver Chophouse.